AIRTEC Motorsport Cosworth Inlet Plenum Upgrade – Fits 2WD & 4WD


***Due to fluctuating exchange rate please contact us for pricing***

Technical Data

Designed to fit with standard 60mm 2wd & 4wd throttle body, Suited for 300+ Bhp, See huge gains on 400+ cars!

Release the power! replaces Ford restrictive inlet manifold with a high Air flow venturi design, it works, gain at least 10 bhp on most spec’s of Cosworth.


  • Gain BHP & Torque
  • Looks Amazing
  • Strong alloy casting, will not split under high boost pressure, unlike welded manifolds
  • ‘O’ ring gaskets on Throttle body and main manifold flanges
  • Venturi effect, supplies equal amount of Air to each Inlet port

What’s Included

  • Cast alloy manifold upgrade with fixings (does not include Injector/trumpet section or throttle body as pictured)
  • Throttle bracket & butterfly lever for 60mm throttle body, comes with fixing bolts (these are available in options)
  • ‘O’ rings for manifold flanges, throttle body & AS manifold to trumpet section
  • Modified Power steering hose, all Red Top Cosworth Engines had the Power steering pump located under the throttle body (changed on late 4×4 ‘Green top’, the PAS standard hoses fail when the AS manifold is fitted, we have made a custom hose to clear the throttle body, flouro line to withstand PAS fluid, available in options

We have done our best to make this manifold upgrade fit as easy and simply possible, you may require some additional pipe joiner for Intercooler to throttle body, as this will be @ a shorter distance compared to standard.

Natural Alloy Finish